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Pediatric Occupational, Physical, Speech Therapy & Dyslexia in Gilbert, AZ
Getting started with Pediatric Therapy Services in Gilbert, AZ

How do I get started with pediatric therapy services for my child?

Make a couple Phone calls:

1. Your child's physician/pediatrician to inquire about receiving outpatient OT and/or PT and speech therapy services. Your insurance provider may also require a referral/prescription for an evaluation, please check with your insurance and be sure and bring it with you to your first appointment if it is required.

2. Your insurance provider. Please inquire about:

a. Benefits/coverage for OUTPATIENT OT/PT or speech therapy services, and any limitations in coverage.
b. In-network vs. out-of-network coverage (ability to bill services out-of-network)
c. Deductible/co-payments due.
d. Amount/number of visits available for OT/PT or possible “combined” service limitations.

3. Way to Grow @ 480-508-5252 and schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation.

Contact Us to Get Started

Also, please bring in any other pertinent evaluations/reports, background information and medical history necessary to provide a comprehensive evaluation for your child.

The Initial Evaluation:

When arriving, please check in at the front desk and have your form of payment ready.

The initial assessment lasts a full hour. We request that parents/caregivers are present at the beginning of the evaluation to discuss current concerns with their child's development. Following this introduction/discussion, we will complete the remainder of the eval with your child in a separate room. You may return to the waiting room area or observe if requested. Following the evaluation, the therapist will review your child's medical and developmental history, score standardized portions of the assessment, review and interpret clinical observations and complete a comprehensive report, with recommendations and a plan of treatment with goals developed (if ongoing services are recommended). The report can be mailed or emailed to you and a copy can be sent to your child's pediatrician. It usually takes 5-10 business days for the full completion of the written report.

Ongoing Therapy Sessions:

After receiving the recommendations for treatment from the therapist, you are ready to schedule for regular weekly sessions! We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy and Financial Commitment forms (links available).

Payments for therapy, including co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles will be collected AT TIME OF SERVICE. Therapy services that are not covered or "Private Pay" fees will also be collected at the time of service. Please review your insurance coverage as each policy is different and may have specific limitations for services provided.

First Therapy Session:

Please arrive 5 min. before the scheduled session with your child dressed in comfortable, casual clothing that are suitable to "play in" and get a little "messy"!

Our OT & PT Therapy sessions are typically 1 hour in length with the last of session for parent education, brief discussion of performance/progress, and note written for each session. We prefer to have parents stay in the waiting room during the treatment sessions, unless there is a health factor that requires direct supervision for medical necessity. Typically, children participate at a greater level and transition more easily between activities without their parent/caregiver present. Occasionally, a parent may be asked to observe portions or all of a session for education and/or demonstration on specific techniques to use in a home program. Parents are welcome to observe their child’s session at any time if requested.

Our Speech Therapy sessions are typically 25 min (1/2 hour session) in length and we highly recommend a minimum of 2X/Wk for successful outcomes.

If a parent chooses to leave the facility during their child’s treatment session, please ensure that your phone contact information is available and current. We also request that you return before the end of your child’s session so that you have time to meet with your child’s therapist and discuss their performance/progress made during the session. Please call if for some reason you are delayed and unable to return on time. Please be aware there is a $45 late “pick up” fee charged after 10 min. past the scheduled session.


Here's what families are saying about Way to Grow

" feel so lucky to have found Way to Grow! Between their amazing sensory gym and their countless arts and crafts, they have everything it takes to create well-rounded kids. Heather and Kate have been working with my daughter for over a year. As a team, they have helped build her into the happy and confident little girl she is today. Not only are they talented at what they do, but they have an undeniable passion for these kids that need their extra support."

-Shelia T

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