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Pediatric Occupational, Physical, Speech Therapy & Dyslexia in Gilbert, AZ
Way to Grow Pediatric Therapy Offers Dyslexia Services - Gilbert, AZ

Pediatric Dyslexia Services


Dyslexia is a neurologic language-based learning disorder. Individuals with dyslexia have difficulties in reading, spelling, and writing. It is believed that 15-20% of the population demonstrate symptoms of dyslexia. It is not a vision problem, nor is it related to an individual’s intelligence. Although dyslexia cannot be cured, with early identification and intervention, many individuals go on to be very successful.

Dyslexia Services

At Way to Grow, we specialize in assessment and intervention designed to form new pathways in the brain to strengthen language skills. Our therapists will complete comprehensive evaluations to identify your child’s individual strengths and areas of need. We pride ourselves in flexible intervention plans in order to tailor the instruction for what best suits your child. At WTG, we utilize a combination of structured research based instructional approaches that are multisensory, systematic, and cumulative in nature.

Services Provided

• Free Initial Consultation
• Comprehensive Dyslexia Assessment
      -Spoken expressive and receptive language
      -Written expression
      -Phonological Processing Skills
• One on one intervention
• Parent training and education
• Review of MET reports and IEPs
• School training and professional developments
• Collaborative approach with occupational therapy and speech therapy

Programs & Interventions Used

• Orton-Gillingham Approach
• Barton Reading System
• The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS)
• Advanced Phonemic Awareness Training

Signs & Symptoms

• Family history of learning difficulties and/or speech and language delays
• Late learning to talk
• Difficulty learning colors, shapes, or letters
• Difficulty pronouncing words and acquiring vocabulary
• Rhyming and identifying sounds in words is difficult
• Difficulty knowing right from left
• Struggling with sight word recognition
• Poor spelling
• Frustration with school and homework
• Difficulty understanding what is read
• Putting ideas in writing is difficult

Dyslexia Services
International Dyslexia Association
Arizona Branch of the International Dyslexia Association
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities Online


Here's what families are saying about Way to Grow

"I wanted to tell you that I will forever be grateful to you. There are no words that can express the pure excitement, joy, and pride I had for my son today and it was mostly because of all the hard work you and he put in together. Today he went to the dentist, he had x-rays (all of them), he got a cleaning (all the way even the dentist part with his tools), he did fluoride treatment without spitting it out, he didn't need headphones, he didn't need sunglasses, he laid in the chair till they were done, he sat still, he didn't gag, he let them floss, the whole nine yards without any problems!!! Had you not known, you never would have never guessed he ever had any issues with going to the dentist! It was amazing, and for that I will forever be in debt to you. Thank you so much, you are truly a god send."

-Kristy B

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