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Vestibular system

Information is processed through receptors located in the inner ear, the utricle and saccule. Provides information regarding one’s movement and body position in relation to gravity. The vestibular system contributes to balance, posture and the awareness of one’s orientation in space.

Behavioral response:

Under responsive: require more intense vestibular/movement input to produce a response, but do not necessarily actively seek out the input

Overresponsive: more sensitive to movement or positional changes, producing a more intense emotional or behavioral response

Seeker: actively seek out movement activities, such as swinging, climbing, running, jumping

Avoidant: actively avoid activities that challenge movement or balance or require positional changes such as lying down; may avoid swings or other movement play structures at the park


· Swings

· Scooter board

· Bikes or scooters

· Navigating climbing structures

· Bounce house or trampoline

· Climbing up a ramp

For those more sensitive…

· provide increased support, holding at the torso or hips while navigating the environment/obstacles provides increased stability

· If possible, elevate swings only 1-2 inches off the ground for increased comfort. Gradually increase the height over time as comfort improves

· Offer only activities with one type of movement at a time (e.g. swaying only back and forth, or side to side etc.)

· Pair activities with heavy work such as holding a rope or hula hoop while being pulled in a laundry basket or on a scooter board

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