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Auditory System

Auditory system: located in the inner ear, responsible for processing sound vibration and sound waves

Behavioral response:

Under responsive: may not respond to sound input immediately, for instance may appear to not hear their name being called until a loud tone is used

Overresponsive: may demonstrate intense reactions to sounds that others are not typically bothered by; may cover the ears, scream, or cry; may hum to block out background noise

Avoidant: may actively try to escape the sound, such as running away or attempting to stop the sound

Seeker: may appear intensely interested in sounds, or frequently create their own sounds


For children who do not appear to notice sounds:

– Vary tones

– Vary volume

– Engage in auditory memory games or memorize simple songs

– Engage in auditory sequencing games

– Engage in auditory discrimination activities, such as naming sounds you hear while on a walk and identifying if they are close or far, loud or soft etc.

For those with sensitivities:

· Use noise cancelling headphones

· Use ear plugs

· Use soft/calm music

· Use calming auditory input such as a rain stick or rice in a plastic bottle

· Pair less preferred sounds with calming input such as deep pressure like a weighted lap pad or heavy work

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