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Way to Grow 2017 Summer Programs/Schedule Available for Registration NOW!!
Mindful Play 5+ yrs
Mindful Play 5+ yrs
Messy Play 1 4-6 yrs
Ready.Set.Write! Pre-K (4-6 yrs.)
Ready.Set.Write! Pre-K (4-6 yrs.)
Builders Club 2 8-12 yrs
Play 2 Learn 5+ yrs
Builders Club 1 4-6 yrs
Play 2 Learn 5+ yrs
Messy Play 2 7-12 yrs
Lunch Bunch 1 4-6 yrs
Lunch Bunch 2 7-10 yrs
Lunch Bunch 1 4-6 yrs
Lunch Bunch 2 7-10 yrs
Printing Power 6-8 yrs
Writing Wizards 8+ yrs
Printing Power 6-8 yrs
Writing Wizards 8+ yrs
Play 2 Learn 5+ yrs
Play 2 Learn 5+ yrs

*All scheduled classes must have a minimum of 4 kids registered by May 1, 2017 to provide the class for the summer. Refunds will be issued if class is cancelled by WTG due to lack of participants.

*Siblings or friends are also welcome to sign up for classes as appropriate for age/developmental requirements listed for the class.

Session 1

June 5-30 2017

Session 2

July 10-Aug.4 2017

Class Descriptions:
Handwriting Without Tears:

All therapists have been trained in HWT program and WTG offers 3 levels of Instruction this summer! Each class is 2x week (8 classes/session)

Ready. Set. Write!: Tues. & Thurs. 10-11 am *(4-6 yrs.)

This class is for children ages 4-6 who have demonstrated the ability to draw pre-writing strokes (horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines as well as circles). In this class, we will introduce upper and lower case letter recognition and formation, fine motor and gross motor skills such as grip, drawing and building.

Printing Power: Mon. & Wed. 1-2 pm *(6-8 years)

This class is designed for students with exposure to uppercase and lowercase letter formation. In this class, we will review lowercase letter formation and emphasize the correct use of lowercase letters in words and sentences. Students will demonstrate ability to place letters on the line and space between words.

Writing Wizards: Tues. & Thurs. 1-2 pm *(7-10+ yrs.)

This class is designed for students who can compose simple sentences but have difficulty with legibility. The classes will focus on writing sentences and paragraphs with good letter sizing, spacing, and ability to place letters on the line. Fun and creative activities from the HWT program will incorporate handwriting instruction with focus on punctuation, paragraph, poem, and language arts activities for practice.

Price: $265/session (HWT Workbook and additional supplies provided for home work)

*Ages for handwriting classes can be considered flexible depending on child’s developmental or skill level. Please refer to the class descriptions and inquire if you have questions on what class will best meet your child’s needs.

Play 2 Learn:

A supervised and soft structured “play” time that allows kids to grow and safely partake in a variety of fun activities such as obstacle courses, indoor swings, Bal-A-Vis-X, ball pit, tree house, games and more! During this time, kids will be encouraged and guided by a therapist to participate in tasks that will help improve their social skills, self-regulation, motor planning, bilateral coordination, postural control, strength, and body and safety awareness. **Children under 5 may attend, but an adult needs to be present during class for direct supervision.

Times Currently Available:
Mon. 11-12 pm; Tues. 2-3pm
Wed. 11-12pm; Thurs. 2-3pm
Pricing Options:
1 Class/week/session (4 total): $60
2 Classes/week/session (8 total): $112
3 Classes/week/session (12 total): $160
4 Spaces/week/session (16): $200
2 kids/class: $25/class (must attend the SAME class together) *No other discounts apply
* A Liability waiver must also be signed with emergency contact
Builders Club:

A fun class for aspiring builders, engineers, and creative kids! We will use a variety of building materials such as Legos, Kinex, craft items, and “Omagles” to build structures, catapults, carts, mazes, and more! Through fun building challenges we will work on social skill development, games and cooperative play, problem solving, fine motor skills, and visual perceptual skills. Come join the creative fun with different activities and materials each week!

Times Available:
1x/week (2 separate classes a week for different age ranges)
Tues. 11-12pm (4-7 yrs.)
Friday 10-11 am (8-12 yrs.)
Price: $85/session
Mindful Play:

A class for the beginning yogi that encourages calming and mindfulness. We will introduce basic yoga postures in a fun and creative way. Participating in yoga is a great way to build strength and confidence as well as improve balance, coordination and body awareness.

Times Available:
2x/week (8/session)
Tues. and Thurs. 9-10 am (ages 5-10+ yrs.)
Price: $160/session
Messy Play:

A multi-sensory play extravaganza! Messy play gives children opportunities to enhance their cognitive and creative development. It allows them to create a greater understanding of their senses, fosters curiosity, experimentation and improves body awareness. Join us for a fun filled hour of squishing slime with our toes, painting with our elbows, or making mud pies!

* All this messy play means that your children are likely to come home with dirty clothes!

Times Available:
1x/week (2 separate classes a week for different age ranges)
Mon. 10-11 am (4-7 yrs.)
Thur. 11-12pm (7+yrs.)
Price: $95/session
Lunch Bunch:

A great class for “picky eaters” that need some positive peer interaction and creative play for food exploration! This class will provide a “Steps to Eating” menu (from S.O.S. feeding program) for each class, along with playful and “safe” food exploration activities to promote trying new foods, flavors, textures and tastes! You will be able to bring your child’s lunch or choose to have WTG provide a sack lunch for your child. Class space is limited to 6 kids/group.

Times Available:
2 classes available/session (2x/week; 8/session)
Bunch 1 (4-6 yrs.) Mon./Wed. 12-1pm
Bunch 2 (7-10 yrs.) Tues./Thurs. 12-1pm
$195/session total
(Lunch Box/food provided by family)
$275/session total
(Sack Lunch Provided by WTG)

*Registration due before May 1 to reserve and guarantee class space.

*Once pre-registration is made on any class, a 50% reimbursement will be refunded if cancelled prior to at least 2 weeks (14 days) prior to session starting. No refunds offered with cancellations less than 14 days before session start date.

**PLEASE NOTE: These classes are not intended to replace skilled therapy sessions/interventions. They are also not covered by insurance or HSN accounts and payment is accepted through cash, check or credit card. Please contact Tracy Knight (Office Manager) at tracy.waytogrow@gmail.com or call her at 623-396-5467 to register now. Class sizes are limited and filling fast!

"Way to Grow has been life-changing for both our child and our family. Before we came to Way to Grow, we were from out of state, living in a small town struggling with a new diagnosis for our child and trying to find a good Occupational Therapist. We were recommended to try the services offered through Way to Grow, and once here, we were struck by the level of expertise and knowledge of Heather, as well the entire staff at Way to Grow. Our child immediately “took” to her therapists, who were so compassionate. Our family decided to relocate here and it's been the best decision we’ve made! We have seen so much improvement in her fine & gross motor skills. The therapists use many different techniques and fun equipment which have helped her gain strength in areas she was unable to accomplish before. Our child cannot wait for every session and asks constantly to go to her beloved "Gym", as she calls it. The entire staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend Way to Grow to anyone seeking Occupational Therapy services for their child (here in Arizona or out of state for that matter!)."

-M. N.

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